Now that you have your Texidium eBook code, please follow the steps below to access your courseware and begin reading!

If you do not have a Texidium account:

1. Click on this link: and then click on "Not a member? Register now!"

2. Proceed to type in your email address in the designated field and then click the 'Create my account' button:

3. After carrying out the above, you will then be asked to check your email from Texidium to complete the registration process: 

4. Proceed to click on or right-click copy the link in the email from Texidium and paste it into your web browser:

5. Complete the following form with your details and then click 'Complete Registration':

6. Once your account is open on your screen, click on the drop down arrow next to your name and then click on 'Redeem Code': 


7. Type in your redeem code that you received and then click 'Redeem':

8. The next screen should then show the name of the book that you have redeemed like the example below. Click 'Close' to close this window:

9. You should now be able to see your ebook listed on your Texidium account's main home screen. Click on the image of your ebook to open it and start reading:  

For further information on getting started and working with Texidium please click here.