Here are two suggestions for teachers of students with disability challenges who will be teaching CCI Learning and Microsoft Courseware that will be viewed via Microsoft Office programs:

Option #1:

Within each of the Office programs, there is a command that can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar (or the Ribbon) that enables speech, thereby requiring the student to click the button to have the computer read the words on the screen.

To add this button:

  1. Click File, Options and then click Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. When in the Customize the Quick Access Toolbar screen, click the arrow for Choose commands from and then click All Commands.
  3. Press S to move quickly to commands that begin with S and click the command called Speak. Then click the Add button to add it automatically to the Quick Access toolbar.
  4. If required, use the up or down button to move this button to a different location (by default, it is automatically added at the end).
  5. Click OK to exit the Word Options.

Option #2:

The zoom option is available in all the Office programs as well so that you can increase (or decrease) the view for the students.

It is recommended that the teacher looks in the Control Panel of Windows, where he/she can go to the Ease of Access options and change some of the options there such as the magnify or visual cues. This option changes the screen on a more “permanent” basis for students so they don’t need to watch the zoom change inadvertently when working with a program.

Further information, especially when taking exams with Certiport, can be found here