The first step in the process is to identify your help and how to guide:

Microsoft Office 365 OneNote

Pre-Setup: Identify the domain name your students are going to use – – purchase this domain from GoDaddy or any other web hosting company and ensure you also have access to DNS settings.

Step 1: Setup your Office 365 production-grade tenant

Click the URL and set up your Office 365 tenant for your students – this involves clicking on the “Get Started for Free” button and entering the school information.

During this process – you have to Verify you’ve purchased the domain listed above and enter the corresponding DNS settings.

You must complete this process in order for the student accounts to be recognized and email to function properly.

You must wait 1-5 business days for Microsoft to confirm your information and accept your school as an Educational Institution. (receive confirmation via email)

Step 2: During the activation process of Step 1 – If you’ve created a new tenant and are looking for support in getting the required Office 365 Education Plus licenses loaded into your tenant? Visit and fill out the form. The Microsoft Education team will be checking that form twice daily (EST mornings and evenings). Once we’ve secured your particular tenant info, our team will support you in getting the Office 365 Education Plus licenses automatically distributed to your tenant.

This process will take 1-2 business days (receive confirmation via email)

Step 3: Once the Microsoft Education team confirms both Step 1 and Step 2 – you’ll receive an email from Microsoft Learning with instructions to set up a user in the system and confirm the user with an Office 365 Education Plus license. This process takes 5 business days to activate at the end of Step 2. Once this process is completed you will have access to unlimited Office 365 Education Plus licenses and can begin loading users into Office 365.