These instructions are for Teachers and Administrator Staff of Microsoft Imagine Academy schools and institutions and the free exam vouchers are solely for professional development purposes only.

1. Log into your Microsoft Imagine Academy member site by clicking on this link: (You will need either a Microsoft account or an Office 365 account)

Sign In Screen

2. Once logged in, click on the link for ‘Educator Development‘ in the center of the screen or at the top green bar of options:

Imag.Acad. Hmscreen


3. Proceed to select which exam vouchers you are requiring eg MOS:

Accessing Free Exam Vouchers.1


4. Click on the green ‘Request your voucher‘ button:

Accessing Free Exam Vouchers.2


5. Confirm this by reading the following and click the green ‘Take exam at any Certiport testing center‘ button at the bottom:

Accessing Free Exam Vouchers.3

6. Complete the details in the boxes as required and click ‘submit‘:
Accessing Free Exam Vouchers.4

Prior to this, please ensure that you and other relevant staff each create a Certiport account first before proceeding to use your exam vouchers: