Download and install the Offline version of the GMetrix SMS software, located here:

  1. Launch the software, and click “License Wizard”. This will generate a unique Install key.
  2. Next, go to using the same administrator information you were given when your testing center was set up.
  3. In the Access Code Create section, there is now an Offline tab where you can select a license to create Offline access codes. Enter the 8 digit installation key that the software generated, and click “Generate License Key.” This will generate the 32 character activation key for that install.
  4. Return to the Offline version of the software, enter the license key, and activate the install.  This will need to be done for each computer that the software will be installed on.
  5. Activation was successful, your install is now ready to use. Your students can create student accounts by clicking the sign up link on the login page. After the student logs in they will see the license that you activated in the access code section, which will allow them to access the practice tests.