We recently encountered a problem with Office 365 and worked many hours with the Office 365 support team to identify the issue. Below is what we were experiencing and the fix that worked for us.


We identified two separate problems both within a day of each other.

Problem 1: Users that had “Shared Folders” setup somehow lost the ability to open the “Shared Folder” – however the same user could see the Shared Folder when they logged into Office 365 OWA.

Problem 2: Trying to connect Outlook 2013 resulted in a “Internet Email” dialog box on the “Login and Send an email” screen – resulting in the inability to connect the user account to the Exchange server.


After speaking with Office 365 technical support, I contacted my DNS provider and asked them to disable “IMAP” – this didn’t completely resolve any issues.

We then made two key registry edits which resolved both problems outlined above.

Open Run – Enter Regedit and press enter – Navigate to the location below – Right Click and Create a NEW DWORD 32 bit Value (depending on the version of Office you have installed – we use all 32 bit Office installations)


“ExcludeSCPLookup”=  Modify Value to 1


“ExcludeHttpsRootDomain”= Modify Value to 1

REBOOT the computer and attempt to log back in

This fix resolved our issue and we hope it will help save you valuable time.

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